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Four Redecorating Tips with Belwith Cabinet Hardware

Belwith Knob Redecorating the kitchen doesn't have to be an expensive enterprise - and you don't have to be an interior designer to do it with style. With a few simple suggestions, and the purchase of some practical and decorative Belwith hardware items, any homeowner will be able to quickly transform the look of the kitchen space and create a dazzling decor.

Tip #1 - Keep It Simple

Sleek lines and simple designs are in these days. Homeowners don't need to find the most wild or most interesting patterns in order to create a designer kitchen. Keeping the design sleek, classy and sparse can actually help to create a nicer space and one that will not go out of style quickly. Select a Belwith knob in a simple, satin nickel finish from the large selection of Belwith hardware choices and use this as the basis for all of your hardware selections. Purchase the same knob design for all of your kitchen cabinets and find appliance knobs that are similar in size, design and finish. The more consistent and simple the hardware selection is, the sleeker the kitchen will look.

Tip #2 - Keep It Consistent

The details really matter in the kitchen decor. If you've selected a certain type of Belwith cabinet hardware for your doors and cabinets, make sure that your other hardware matches as well. Purchase Belwith hinges that will compliment the finish of the pulls or knobs and that will blend into the background. The last thing that anyone wants in a kitchen is to have the catches, hinges and backplates noticed. The more that these compliment the selected knobs or pulls, the more of a uniform look you will create in the space.

Tip #3 - Keep Your Decor Idea In Mind

If you've always wanted to have a specific look in the kitchen, keep your focus in mind as you select Belwith hardware. If you're shopping for an art deco look, try not to get sidetracked by those cute country knobs. It's important when redecorating to consider the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve in the space. Each Belwith knob, hook and hinge needs to work towards the overall look. Shop for all hardware items at one time, and purchase all of the hardware from one company. These suggestions will help to create a consistent look and a uniform decor in the kitchen.

Tip #4 - Keep Your Themes in Check

While it's delightful to create a theme in the kitchen, it can definitely become oppressive and overdone. Purchasing a few nautical knobs creates a lovely feeling of undersea life; swarming the kitchen with oodles of nautical knobs, seahorse pulls, underwater curtain patterns and more can become overbearing. Any theme is cute, as long as it's kept to a minimum. Give viewers a hint of the theme rather than hitting them over the head with it every time that they enter the kitchen.

With these redecorating tips in mind, and a few key Belwith hardware purchases, any homeowner can transform the kitchen space. Belwith cabinet hardware helps you to create the modern kitchen of your dreams one tip at a time.