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Easy Steps for a Great Kitchen Decorating Theme

Creating a kitchen with an adorable, playful, or romantic theme is a great idea. Often times, however, people go overboard when they've latched onto a theme, covering the entire kitchen with the kitchen theme, and failing to leave any breathing room or empty space. Learn how to use a kitchen theme as an accent piece, and enjoy the difference that this extra decoration can make in the overall decor.

Selecting a Theme

When selecting a kitchen theme, consider choices that relate to your hobbies, interests and personality. If you love drinking coffee each morning, and you enjoy cooking, then consider purchasing coffee-themed pictures or decorating with utensil shaped cabinet pulls. If it's frogs you admire, then enjoy funky Belwith pulls with frog designs and add a backsplash above the sink that employs a frog motif. Try to think of a theme that is not short lived, but one that you'll enjoy over time. A backsplash with the seven dwarfs is cute, but will you really want a Disney kitchen five years from now?

Incorporating the Kitchen Theme with Hardware

Once you've selected your theme, it's time to figure out where to place your decorations. Usually, one of the easiest ways to incorporate kitchen decor themes is with cabinet hardware. Many companies, such as Belwith hardware, Anne at Home hardware and others, produce ample lines of themed hardware items. Browsing through their offerings should yield great choices for many themes, from animals and underwater designs to cowboys, nature and more. These eclectic cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls offer a relatively inexpensive way to emphasize a theme, and they don't inundate the kitchen space with the idea of choice.

Other Ways to Incorporate Theme

Once you've selected your themed Belwith cabinet hardware and other hardware choices, you can add to your theme in many ways. Purchase pictures or paintings that relate to the theme and place them around the kitchen. If you've purchased Belwith pulls with leaves on them for your love of nature, find pictures of trees, snow peaked mountains, and butterflies, and place these around the kitchen. You can also add a tile backsplash with your theme, or use counter tiles that incorporate the theme of choice. Select your color scheme based on your theme, opting for green and white to match your frog infatuation or blues and greens for a nautical flair.

Keep It Simple

While you may be excited about your kitchen theme ideas, don't go overboard with them. A good rule of thumb is to express your theme in two ways only. If you've purchased Belwith cabinet hardware with a lizard motif, then select one other way to express your theme. If you've selected counter tiles with animal patterns, you can purchase a few pictures to complement the tiles. Don't, however, incorporate a specific color scheme and wall hangings and a backsplash all with the same theme. Keep it simple and enjoy the subtle difference that a kitchen theme can make in the decor.

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